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دانلود پروژه RPG Cameras & Controllers v6.0 برای یونیتی

Asset Store – RPG Cameras & Controllers

دانلود پروژه RPG Cameras & Controllers برای یونیتی

پروژه RPG Cameras & Controllers برای یونیتی


پروژه RPG Cameras & Controllers برای یونیتی : اگر به دنبال دوربین RPG و کنترلر شخصیت مورد نیاز خود هستید، به جای درستی آمده اید این پروژه شامل اسکریپت‌های دوربین و کنترلر جداگانه برای هر دو نوع RPG : MMO و Action RPG است، آنها تا حد زیادی از بازی های معروف MMO و ARPG الهام گرفته اند و کد کارآمد، قابلیت نگهداری عالی و سهولت استفاده را با هم ترکیب می کنند ، این پروژه رو از سایت Unity Asset برای کابران سافت ساز آماده کرده‌ایم ، با سافت ساز همراه باشید.

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عنوان : Asset Store – RPG Cameras & Controllers

فرمت : unitypackage

کاتالوگ : ندارد

موضوع : پروژه یونیتی

شرکت سازنده : Unity Asset

Asset Store – RPG Cameras & Controllers

2 RPG camera and character controllers in 1 package: MMO and Action RPG. Feature-rich and easy to configure. High-quality, completely commented code. My asset reviews say it all.

Technical details
This asset features up to 60 camera parameters and up to 56 controller parameters making it a perfect fit.

For a complete list of script parameters, please check the provided screenshots above.


Choose between using Unity’s new Input System (recommended) or the legacy Input Manager
Works with keyboard/mouse, gamepad and other input devices
Focus on absolutely efficient code and commented code
Fast developer support

Character Controller:

Choose from 2 RPG controller flavors: MMO or Action RPG
Large set of different motions: running, walking, crouching, sprinting, strafing – all with adjustable movement speed values or multipliers
Swimming and diving mechanics
Ledge and Free Climbing mechanics
Set jump height and applied gravity
Allow an arbitrary number of midair jumps
Reward perfect midair jumps at their peak
Allow an arbitrary number of moves and their speed in midair – never, always or only after a standing jump
Toggle intelligent autorunning which can be turned on while running and turned off again on manual input
Turn on/off if the character should move and rotate with the object it is standing on
Also enable/disable if those objects affect jumping, i.e. always landing on the same point after a standing jump
Sliding mechanics with adjustable angle when the character should start to slide
Flying mechanic
Adjustable tolerance of grounded checks, e.g. for running over debris
Falling threshold
Mecanim animator controller for every implemented action …and more


Arbitrarily smooth orbit camera
Seamlessly transition between third- and first-person view
Intelligent occlusion handling
Choose out of two shapes of view frustums: pyramid or cuboid
Decide which layers cause immediate zoom in
If there is no occlusion anymore, the camera automatically zooms out to the previous distance
Tag objects which should fade out instead of causing a zoom in
Set the fade out and fade in alpha as well as the fading duration
Enable/disable character fading and set the starting and ending distance as well as the maximum fade out alpha value
Support of internal and external camera pivots, i.e. within the character collider or not
Intelligent pivot that moves away from obstacles which the player could see through if zooming in enough (internal pivot only)
Cursor hiding – never, always or only when orbiting
Dedicated cursor behavior while orbiting – move, lock in center or stay
Possibility to align the character with the camera’s view direction – always or only when pressing the dedicated alignment input
Possibility to control when the camera should rotate together with the character – never, always or only when a dedicated input is not pressed
Turn on/off automatic alignment with the character when it is moving (with support for walking backwards)
Following behaviors “Strict” and “Lazy”
Movable camera pivot
Camera look up if it lies on objects that have a dedicated tag assigned
Lock a rotation axis or set a maximum angle
Axis input inversion
Minimum and maximum distance individually adjustable
Camera shaking effect
Fast first person zoom and maximum distance zoom at the touch of a button
UI interface for pausing input processing
Easily change the used skybox
Easily extendable visual underwater effects …and more

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